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About MaxxOne

MaxxOne are a UK company specialising in the provision of custom-tailored and exceptional security solutions. They focus on the highest level of performance and functionality, in a way that makes security accessible and user-friendly.

Certified and quality assured, the MaxxOne range is future proof and versatile. As the experts, they stay ahead of the curve and with MaxxOne it means you will too.

Their research and technical teams work tirelessly to ensure that every MaxxOne solution is uniquely customised for every project. Their range of products are compliant with professional monitoring services. Another reason to choose MaxxOne.”

Why Choose MaxxOne CCTV?

Bulletproof Elegance – Industrial grade cameras, consumer-friendly design. The best of both worlds.

MaxxOne provide a phenomenal range of cameras, wide lenses that cover larger than ever areas around your property, covert systems and more powerful recording capacity than ever before. MaxxOne have made great strides within the CCTV industry and are making all of their systems future proof, giving you peace of mind that your system will be around for a long time.

Your NVR comes with many additional features

MaxxOne have developed a state of the art system that comes with a NVR for your hardwired systems. These NVR’s store all your recordings in one place, with motion detection, intrusion zones, advanced human detection and smart analytics to name a few of the additional features MaxxOne provide, giving you the most up to date security system you can find.

Full colour images at day and night

MaxxOne have developed an incredible array of cameras from their 5MP and 8MP fixed dome cameras that give you infrared images at night to full colour images at day and night. The Bright Night range gives you full colour images through a small LED light on the camera. This LED Lamp isn’t bright enough to act as a spotlight but allows the camera to absorb enough light to be able to see in full colour.

These cameras are ideal for properties with particularly dark gardens, dark side passages near the property or if your garden or driveway is longer than 20 meters. Allowing you to see intruders much earlier than you would with infrared cameras.

Ease of use

The MaxxOne system is easier than ever to use, with the NVR and smart phone apps integrated for ease of use and access to your security system. Total Home Experts will endeavour to provide you with as much training on how to use your system as possible on the day of installation so that your comfortable on how to use your system. Our aftercare service are always here to help should your require any more information, but will show you guides on how to use the MaxxOne systems.

Additional cameras?

Should you require or feel as though you need an additional camera, MaxxOne have developed a wide array of NVR’s to allow you to add any additional cameras to your systems with relative ease. Our engineers will talk you through the process so that you know exactly what it is that you need.

MaxxOne CCTV Installation

Our experienced CCTV installation experts have years of experience designing and installing integrated CCTV Systems. We can install all types of systems from 1 camera systems up to 32 cameras depending on the size and requirements of your property. Our solutions are designed specifically for your requirements. To know exactly what it is you need, speak to one of our advisors today!

For more information about the range of CCTV systems we provide or to arrange a Free no obligation quotation. complete our contact form or give our advisors a call on 0800 4880764.