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About Kite

The Kite Smart Home Starter Kit, with a dedicated App, allows you and your family to remotely control and view your home security system. Set or disarm the Kite system from anywhere in the world using the intuitive app. Kite is easy to set up and expand using a QR code system you can securely add accessories to your system. Kite can connect using a wireless, wired or mobile network.

The Kite Wireless Siren is designed for use with the Kite Smart Home system. The siren is easily added to your existing Kite system using the Kite App. Simple to mount to the exterior of your home/business the siren features tamper protection and a powerful 115dB volume. Total peace of mind.

The Kite Wireless internal IP Camera is designed for use with the Kite Smart Home system. The camera is easily added to your existing Kite system using the Kite App. Wherever you are in the world, you can log into the App and view live footage from your home. Total peace of mind.

Why choose Kite?

Kite controlled by the free Kite app, set alarms when away from home or add an IP camera to your system and view your home remotely. Kite is modular, using a secure QR code system, you can add unlimited Kite accessories to your starter kit. Kite is wireless, easy to set-up and use. The starter kit includes everything you need to start your smart home alarm. Kite works over Wi-Fi, or a back-up SIM card, should the Wi-Fi go offline (SIM card not included) Enabling ‘Anti-Interference’ will cause the alarm to trigger if the system detects interference signals. Timed Tasks allow you to add a scheduled or daily task. For instance, setting a schedule for the system to arm at 10pm. The learn mode allows you to add accessories to your existing Kite system in a matter of minutes.

What you get

  • 1 x Kite SmartHub
  • 1 x Kite Wireless Keypad
  • 1 x Kite Wireless Motion Sensor
  • 1 x Kite Wireless Contact Sensor
  • 1 x Kite Remote Control
  • 1 x 1m Ethernet Cable
  • 2x RFID Tags

All of our systems are designed to be effective in your property, so each one can be designed to suit what is needed for your specific property. It is very important to design the alarm system to your property. It is therefore vital that you have enough sensors to protect your property from harm in the best possible way.

Is Kite graded?

No. Kite is not a fully graded system so cannot work with monitoring or police response. This will mean that some insurance policies will not accept cave as a graded system. This therefore means that Kite works perfectly as a cheaper alternative to protect your home on a personal level and to act as a deterrent.

Product details

The Kite alarm is a wireless smart alarm with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and SIM card holder. The system is operated via a smartphone app and cam also be armed and disarmed with the included remote control. When the alarm is triggered, a loud 100dB siren will sound from the alarm hub to alert others of an intruder and the system will also alert you via app notification. The alarm hub includes a backup SIM card holder, which accepts standard sized SIM cards, and can send you SMS alarm notifications when your Wi-Fi is down. This alarm kit also includes a wireless external siren box which produces an 115db siren. The Kite Smart Home Alarm connects up to 99 sensors, allowing you to customise your alarm system to suit your property and lifestyle.

Kite smart home alarm benefits

  • Pre-linked components – requires no technical knowledge or wiring for installation.
  • Activated, deactivated and monitored using your smartphone or tablet (available for iOS and Android)
  • No need for monthly subscriptions
  • Extended 200m Wireless Range
  • Allows part arming – creating 2 zones
  • Backup SIM card holder

Controlled by iOS or android app

Download the Kite App for complete peace of mind and knowledge that your home is secure. Check in on your home from anywhere on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, at any time, and receive notifications if the alarm is triggered.

Outdoor siren box

The outdoor siren box produces a loud 115dB siren when the alarm is triggered and also includes an LED flashing light to warn off intruders. The outdoor siren can be installed with either a DC12V power adaptor or can provide power for up to 36 months with 3x D batteries.


Expand your alarm system with up to 99 accessories, allowing you to customise your individual needs and security requirements. From additional PIR’s and door contacts, to key fobs and wireless IP cameras, you can add to those already supplied with the kit to give your home the best coverage possible.

Extended 200m wireless range

The Kite alarms include an extended 200m wireless range which is much wider than most other home alarms and is ideal for protecting a large property. The 200m wireless range ensures it is possible to protect your home and outbuildings, such as a shed or garage within one system.

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